Wilkmazz is Closing

If you’re reading this, that means you know that wilkmazz will be closing its doors on February 29, 2020. We’ve always prided ourselves in being transparent, so we think we should let you know where things are with each team member, and what your options are for moving forward. Scroll on for more information!

Team Updates

Emily is starting a new full service consulting business for nonprofits, Moonlight Consulting, with her partner, Ashok, leveraging their combined 18 years of experience in the sector. This last year, Emily had a baby boy, Leo Moon Light. You can see a photo of her baby boy and learn more about her new “why” HERE. You can contact her at hello@moonlight.consulting.

Sam will be starting a new law firm, called Better APC, and Liv will be joining him as a partner of the firm. Yup, we’ll still be in San Diego, and we’ll still be offering quality, affordable legal services. In fact, we’ll be offering the same services at the same rates! The Better difference? An added emphasis on educating, equipping, and empowering our communities.

Current clients have the option to transition to working with the Better team, or to transition to a different law firm. More information on this below.

If You’d Like to Work with Better

If you choose to go to Better, send us an email at bertie@inbetterwetrust.com. We’ll let you know next steps for getting you onboarded and what sort of changes you can expect moving forward.

If You’d Like to Transition to Another Law Firm

If you choose not to go to Better, here are some things you’ll need to consider for your transition elsewhere:

  • You will need to change your organization’s registered agent with the state. We recommend doing that ASAP, and you can do that on your own HERE.
  • You will want to request your files, for transfer to a new firm. You can do that by sending an email to holler@wilkmazz.com.
  • If you have a trademark, you will need to update your attorney of record with the USPTO. You will need to do so by completing the online filing HERE (Form #1, the Change Address or Representation (CAR) Form). If you move to another firm, they will also be able to assist with this change.

And Finally, Thank You

We’ve had a blast serving an amazing community of risk-takers and dreamers, but sometimes change is needed. We hope to see your names in our inbox at Better or Moonlight Consulting, but if we don’t, that’s A-OK. Know that we’ll always be rooting for you and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.