Say hey to uncluttered, transparent and collaborative law.

Creatives, nonprofits and small businesses haven’t always had access to solid legal support. We think anyone taking a risk and doing something different deserves bitchin’ lawyers.

Our Tax-Exempt Friends

We can help you form your nonprofit, build a board of directors,
and get that elusive tax exemption.

   Boarding Building
   Maintenance and Filings
   General Counsel

Do-Gooder Resources

Nonprofit Formation FAQs
Nonprofit Board of Directors FAQs
3 Important Annual Requirements for Nonprofits


Solopreneurs / Modern Cowboys

We identify as artists. OK, artists on the side. We heavily road-tested the “fair use” defense and aren’t afraid to help you use it.

   Business Entity Formation
   Copyright Registration and Enforcement
   Contracts Drafting, Review and Negotiation
   Film and Podcast Clearance
   Fair Use

The More You Know

Top 3 Reasons to Use a Creative Services Agreement
Copyright 101: Know Your Rights
How to Hire An Independent Contractor


Our Employer Homies

We can protect your brand and help you hire that first employee… or fire that one that isn’t working out.

–   Business Entity Formation
–   Capital Investment
–   Trademark Registration and Enforcement
–   Contracts Drafting, Review, and Negotiation
–   Hiring and Firing

Let’s Talk Biz

10 Steps to Form Your Business
8 Steps to Hire An Employee
3 Annual Requirements Every Small Business Should Know


Small Business