This is that page of the website you always skip.
It’s a love letter to the anonymous many who mainly avoid having lawyers as friends. If we’re being honest, then we have to say that we never originally intended on being lawyers. It turns out that we love it. It turns out that being one is about empowerment more than anything. Money doesn’t tell you how to be a person. Red Tape doesn’t define a business. We’re here, frankly, to be your ‘Shit Umbrella’ so you can do your actual work with joy. Leave the paperwork and processes and awkward / stressful / tense emails to us; you have unexpected places to take your crusade or enterprise. The future is always abstract, but your vision isn’t. One creative human needs friends to make a vision real. It turns out you need creative lawyers too. The point is, we love you, we hear you, and we want to help you.

Just a couple of lawyers with hearts on our sleeves,