We’re wilkmazz.

Sam Mazzeo got his start in litigation, before joining forces with Emily Wilkinson as in-house legal counsel at the film based nonprofit, Invisible Children, after the organization released the most viral video in history (CC: KONY 2012).

In 2014, they co-founded Wilkinson Mazzeo PC (wilkmazz if you’re cool) to provide affordable and quality legal care for causes and creative businesses.

Fast forward to today, and wilkmazz has worked with over 800 clients to date. Meet the rest of our crew below, including our fellow legal unicorns, the robust attorney network we belong to.

Sam Mazzeo

Sam realized pretty quickly that he was swimming upstream when it came to normal lawyering. Filing lawsuits? Arguing in court? Defending collections proceedings? No thanks! He currently spends his time sending gifs to clients in between filing trademarks and drafting contracts. He has also served on some legit local boards like TEDxSanDiego and Think Dignity.

Sam has a lot of tattoos for being a lawyer. Just saying.

Served as in-house legal counsel at Invisible Children
Worked for Oceana, helping improve marine areas and improve salmon fisheries
Learned to do a standing backflip for a Teen Wolf costume.

His bar number is 279934.
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Stephanie Trejos

Steph supports the team in the areas of nonprofit & business formation, trademark and film clearance. Before joining wilkmazz, she worked at a nonprofit that provided legal help to creatives and small businesses. Which is similar to what we do, but with less pizza gifs.

She is from Miami. Just like The Rock.

Worked in the nonprofit and IP sectors before joining wilkmazz
Started her career as a legal assistant in Miami
Does not own a neon pantsuit

Her bar number is 317670.
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Olivia Phillips

Liv supports the team in the areas of contracts, labor and employment, and copyright, as well as handling all things marketing-communications. She’s also an enthusiastic dog mom. A true triple threat.

Day-to-day, she drafts agreements and employee handbooks, heads up our social media and web content, makes kickass resource articles and infographics, fluffs and folds, all that jazz.

– Founded her law school’s American Civil Liberties Union chapter
Prepared visa applications for immigrant victims of domestic abuse before joining wilkmazz
Love language is carbs

Her bar number is 323265.
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Emily Wilkinson

Emily brings the magic to our practice. No, literally—there are gemstones everywhere.

But she also brings the magic with her progressive approach to lawyering, relentless ambition and big heart for our clients.

Graduated in the top of her class from law school
Protected Invisible Children’s legal rights during a campaign that got a lot of buzz
Draws strength from Miranda Hobbes

Her bar number is 273497.
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